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DUGA elects new executive

Jul 14, 2017, 10:52 AM

The Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) wishes to inform the general public that it has, in accordance with its bylaws, elected a new executive to steer the affairs of the organisation for the next two years.

Also according to the bylaws, no member can hold a position for more than two consecutive terms, therefore, the entire outgoing executive were term-limited from the positions they held.

The following constitute the elected executive:

Ms. Sohna A. Sallah - Chairwoman

Mr. Pasamba S. Jow - Vice- Chairman

Ms. Ya Soffie Ceesay - Spokeswoman

Mr. Yankuba Senghore - Secretary

Mr. Musa Ceesay- Treasurer

Mr. Ousainou Mbenga - Auditor

Understanding the challenges faced by all Gambians, especially those who have fought for the current political dispensation, DUGA is fully aware of the important role it must play to strengthen and safeguard the new found democracy.

DUGA is poised to fully collaborate with the Barrow-government and other stakeholders, including the media, other civil society groups, both local and international, the security forces, and political parties etc., to embark on this necessary journey to strengthen and broaden our democratic gains.

The union is now in the process of being registered, and will open an office in The Gambia.  Our physical presence will ensure that we continue our work to increase the awareness of Gambians with regard to their civic responsibilities, patriotic values and human rights as stated in the constitution of The Gambia. 

Knowledge of the foregoing will encourage and empower more Gambians, especially the youth and women, to fully participate at all levels of decision-making processes in The Gambia and give agency matters that directly affect their lives.