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Dr Njogu Bah’s Trophy final set for Sunday

May 29, 2013, 1:11 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

The final of the Dr. Njogu Bah Trophy is set for Sunday 2 June 2013 at the Biri-Biri Mini Stadium in Ndofan Village, Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region, between Gamcel FC of Mbollet Ba Village against Garas Bi FC of Barra.

The tournament, sponsored and named after Dr Njogu Bah, is organised by the Ndofan Sports Committee.

According to the organizers, the final is expected to be graced by Dr Njogu Bah, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, who is also the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Mass Axi Gaye, Minister of Fisheries and Water Resources, Alfu Marong, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alhagie Modou “Biri-Biri” Njie among other dignitaries.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the final, Jabang Bobb, Chairman Ndofan Sports Committee, said he has been working with his committee who have been helping him to put everything in place on time for the final.            

He added that the nawetan was initiated in 1994 and has been improving and being successful every year.

Mr Bobb noted that in Ndofan every year they prepare the two teams playing the final with each a set of jersey to use for the final, adding that they have also prepared financially and will reward the winners and runners-up with handsome prizes that will be disclosed on the day of the final.

He stated that they will provide security for the day that will protect the people and their properties as well as the players so they can play safely and fairly and go home in peace.

He also commented on the Fatima FC of Mbollet Ba Village issue,

Fatima FC had claimed the committee’s decision to guarantee Garas Bi FC a place in the final when they (Fatima FC) failed to kick penalties at the end of their semifinal game was not fair.

Mr Bobb said that after the agreed play of time the central referee called both captains and spoke to them and they both agreed to kick penalties but when it was time to kick penalties Fatima FC players said they were not going to do so and matched out of the field of play, which was why they granted Garas Bi FC a place in the final.

He said the final will be graced by high-profiled dignitaries and as a result they do not want anything that would distract them, saying: “This is a game of football and you must learn to have game spirit if you want to become professionals.”

“We organised the tournament to foster unity and relationship amongst other youth,” he said, adding that because of the tournament some people have seen each other and became married , which is a good omen they want continued.

“Let us unite to develop our football,” he concluded.

Pa Jain Marong, Team Manager of Ndofan said preparations for the final are on high gear and called on everybody to come and watch the final, especially the youth, as there would be high-profile dignitaries to grace the occasion.

He said anybody who misses the final will miss a lot as they intend to do something big.