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DJ Lamin Cham on his US tour

Dec 3, 2010, 2:21 PM

DJ Lamin Cham, CEO of Champion Sounds Production, who recently returned  from the US after attending a two-day concert organised by The Gambian Christian Association, has said that his tour to the US was a "total success".

He noted that during his visit, he was able to meet with the organisers of the concert to discuss forging a fruitful link between the two music industries.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment at the Teranga Rest House in Kotu, DJ Lamin Cham said the visit was organised by the Gambian Christian Association.

He said he played at the Annual Sangmarie fundraising dinner and Picric concerts in Atlanta, to raise funds to support students in The Gambia. From there, The Gambian DJ proceeded to Florida Miami with partner Mike Nicole and co for a business plan to The Gambia.

In New York, the Champion Sounds boss met with DJs with whom he discussed fruitful ideas to bring the Gambian youths together as one.

In that event, hundreds of Gambians turned out to support the event, he said. "I was invited to host the Fam Fan Radio show for 3 hours," he said. "I took that opportunity to play old Gambian and African music to the listeners, translating some of the lyrics, which gave my show a different flavour.

"I now take this opportunity to call on all Gambian associations in Washington and Atlanta to join together and start supporting our Gambian artistes to take them to the US.

"As we start, I have already secured few contracts for some of the artistes to go and perform in the US with the help and support of our Gambian partners."

DJ Lamin Cham is a star in the country’s music industry; he is a maverick, a genius as well as a towering legend who has already made his mark in the entertainment world.

For the past years, the Sukuta born music impresario has been on the boil, making headlines in the showbiz industry that have earned him both fame and satisfaction.

DJ Lamin Cham has succeeded in organising major music and cultural festivals both in the country and abroad.

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