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Disaster is a development issue

Jun 14, 2011, 1:32 PM

As people are highly preparing ahead of this year’s rainy season, the National Disaster Governing Council is presently touring the country to see disaster-prone areas in order to have first-hand information on how best to prepare the country for the rainy season.

This is, indeed, a very good move taken at the highest political level, and it has clearly shown that The Gambia is on the right track in disaster risk reduction, and all the necessary measures are in place to address disaster issues in The Gambia, and the National Disaster Management Agency is doing everything as the agency mandated by government to handle disaster issues.

Last year, we had experienced a lot of floods across the country, but if we consider most of the disasters happening as man-made, some of them could have been prevented by people themselves.

The government and development partners are doing everything possible to support disaster prone areas, but it is time for people to help in preventing disasters.

We are fully aware of the fact that some of the disasters are natural, but still communities have to help to avoid such, and the right infrastructure have to be in place.

The National Disaster Management Agency with stakeholders is doing good work, and a good dealof public sensitization has taken place.

What is important is for people to change their attitude, for us to avoid man-made disasters.