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Developing Gambian Football

Jun 12, 2013, 10:51 AM

The recent humiliating defeat of Gambian Scorpions by the Elephants of Ivory Coast again reminds us all of the need to do more work in order to develop football in the country.

It is also imperative to note that when our players perform badly and suffer humiliating defeat on home soil with all advantages, such defeats should not be glorified by neither the coach, nor the Minister or any other sports administrator.

With such actions the players will take things for granted which should not be the case but should rather work hard in future.

As stated in this and many other pages of this paper before, developing football and sports in general requires among other things the development of the country’s sports infrastructure.

We also need to focus on developing the talents of our local-based players who can be together for some time and understand one another better.

We believe that with such a strategy our teams can always travel to neighbouring countries such as Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania and Nigeria even via land with less cost.

Sports administrators in the country must also work together and put aside their individual differences and work for the betterment of sport.

Camping against each among sports administrators would not take Gambian sport to any level further but only create more backwardness.

We must also invest more in institutions and sport in general if we are to achieve our sports development goals.