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Democratic change of government inevitable: Kemeseng Jammeh

Feb 22, 2016, 10:33 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Kemeseng Jammeh, former National Assembly member for Jarra West, has said there could be a democratic change of government in the presidential election on 1 December 2016.

He made this statement at a political rally organised by the United Democratic Party (UDP) recently in Bakau.

Mr Jammeh said the UDP is capable of ushering in good governance in The Gambia, as many people in the country are really suffering, including Gambians in the Kombos, who voted for the party in power.

He also talked about sand mining in Kombo, saying this should be done legally.

Mr Jammeh said further that “when the UDP comes to power”,they “will institute good laws” that give all Gambians peace of mind and a level-playing field, and the freedom to run their affairs without fear or favour, as well as to utilize their God-given talents for the development of The Gambiaand humankind.

He also dwelt on the “back-way” crisis, saying this has engaged the minds and energy of the Gambian youths who often die at sea and in the desert trying to seek greener pastures away from economic hardship and poverty at home.

He urged the youths to play active parts in politics, citing Senegal as an example where the youths also actively engage in politics to influence the growth and development of their country.

Mr Jammeh said the youths are very important when it comes to electing a leader, and urged them to register and come out in their large numbers to vote in the upcoming presidential election in 2016.

In his address at the rally, Pesseh Njie said the UDP party has a good leadership, which has the wisdom,knowledge and understanding of taking The Gambia forward; asfor the past twenty-one years, the country has in reality been “moving backward” building on a feeble structural and economic foundation.

He further called on the youths to rally behind the UDP,which has a clear vision in its mission to transform The Gambia for the better, saying that among other things that the country’s “economy is not improving”.

Mr Njie said “it is a farce to say that voting cannot remove an incumbent”, adding that religion and politics are different.

Aji Yam Secka, UDP women’s mobiliser, said their party leader, lawyer Darboe, is very concerned about the welfare of the women of the party and the nation, saying he recognizes their contribution to the party and national development.

She thanked Mr Darboe for his support to the women of the party, urging the youths to register and others to have their voters cards replaced so they could vote in the upcoming election, and effect “a change for a better government”.

Ya Satty Conteh, in her address, said people knew her since the NCP era, adding that Gambians had “experienced hardship for the past twenty-one years”.

She said that Gambians “should not allow the hardship to continue”, further stating that this could be done “by effecting a change”, come the 2016 presidential election.

One Penda Sey announced her defection along with her followers from the APRC to the UDP.

She said the people of Bakau “are now throwing their weight behind the UDP”, adding that this will be manifested in the presidential election in 2016.