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Defendant ordered to pay plaintiff

Nov 14, 2011, 1:30 PM | Article By: Adama K.Jallow

The Kanifing Magistrates’ Court recently ordered one Kosa Mbye, a defendant, to pay D7,825, being a remaining cash to be paid, and another D275 as cost of the summon to the plaintiff, Ebou Njie.

The plaintiff told the court that he gave 200 pieces of clothes on credit at the cost of D45 each to the defendant, adding that the transaction was for only three days. 

When he returned to the defendant to enquire for his materials, he told the court, he was given an excuse by the defendant to return home till the fallowing morning, which he did.

He said that later he went to his store, but he could not meet him and he proceeded to his house where the defendant told him that it was too late that day and he should return the next morning.

The plaintiff also said he later told the defendant that they were friends and he would not like to have any problems with him, adding that the defendant told him that he could not sell all the materials.

He added that the defendant told him that he had sold 60 pieces and the remaining was still there, he added.

“The following day we went to the store but we could not find any of those materials,” the plaintiff said, adding that in the presence of the defendant’s friend, he took the materials from the store and he told the plaintiff that the materials were missing.

The plaintiff revealed that the defendant asked him to take him anywhere he wanted and therefore took the matter to the police and subsequently to the court.

“The defendant called me and insulted my mum for taking the matter to court saying he did not mind even though,” he added

While walking home one day he met the defendant with some other people, and the defendant confronted him and “reacted so negatively”, he said.

He further told the court that the defendant had paid D1, 175 in advance.