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D5 Million for Banjul Mini Stadium Rehabilitation

May 27, 2009, 10:11 AM

The Banjul Sports Committee, as part of GAMWORKS Agency third public works will rehabilitate its Mini Stadium in September.

According to Ebou Faye, Secretary General, due to the state and standard of the Banjul Mini Stadium (KG5) no matches will be played on the football field as work and consultation has already commenced with GAMTECH, the consultant and the actual work on the ground is expected to begin in September/October 2009.

"We hope that all the teams and Banjulians who are the beneficiaries will ensure that the football field is well protected, as we have suffered and been laughed at for the past few years due to the state of our football field, Faye stated.

He added that the committee will seek the support of BCC and the Police for the necessary security but the overall responsibility is for all Banjulians.