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Czech charity donates bicycles to Gambian schools

Nov 26, 2014, 10:05 AM | Article By: Nyimansata Cham

A charitable organization from Czech Republic known as Bikes for Africa, in collaboration with Nova Sance (New Chance) in Ostrava, recently donated 860 bicycles to ten schools in the country.

The beneficiaries are Demba Kunda Basic Cycle School in URR, Panjang UBS in CRR, Bereding UBS in URR, Brikama UBS in WCR, Jobong Kunda LBS in WCR, Sangajor Basic Cycle School in WCR, Jahaly LBS in CRR, Maduar LBS LRR, Tuba Angaleh LBS in NBR, and Wudey Year LBS in WCR.

Roman Posolda, the charity director, said the movement of bicycles for humanity by Jole Rider inspired the organization and their mission to bring the kids in Gambia nearer to schools in a sustainable way.

He said the bikes are to be shared among 10 schools across the country, noting that “meeting a kid in Gambia who got a bike going to school was amazing moment”.

He further added that the organization, “Bikes for Africa”, is based on donation and volunteering, and they are very happy that the Czech people are interested in the project and eager to help.

He disclosed that in the last two years people donated roughly 13 thousand bicycles in different conditions for children in Gambia.

Bikes for Africa works with Czech schools, parishes, companies, municipalities, the media and handicapped people, he added.

According to Mr Posolda, 350 bikes were sent from Czech Republic to Gambian children in 2013.

A member of the project, Jakub V. Ysocley, noted that they have a maintenance workshop with Gambian mechanics when the bicycles are distributed to schools in Gambia, and the participants of the workshop are trained as school mechanics to be responsible for sustainability of the project.

Every school with donated bikes must have at least one capable bicycle mechanic who would also take care of the bikes, he said.

He disclosed that 829 bikes were sent in 2014 and in total 3,179 bicycles have been donated in Gambia since they started the project in 2012.

The project coordinator, Bubacarr Boyo Touray, said they are very happy the organization aims to help Gambian schoolchildren.

Mamadi Jarjue of the education ministry said education is the key to success, adding that the donation would help a lot in letting the children get to school on time.