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Cuban ambassador in Gambia highlights historical relations between his country and Africa in Scientific Event

Dec 10, 2019, 1:38 PM

Banjul, Dec. 7 - The Cuban ambassador to the Gambia Rubén G. Abelenda highlighted today the historical relations between his country and Africa, when he spoke at the XVII Scientific Day of the Medical Brigade of his country that works in this nation.

The scientific event we celebrate today coincides with two Cuban historical dates that we always remember, one of them, the fall in combat on December 7, 1896 of General Antonio Maceo, that man whom generations of Cubans have called and will always call the Titan of Bronze, for its bravery and its tireless struggle against Spanish colonialism.

By the way, he was mestizo, so he had African blood, as we all Cubans have. That is why Fidel always said that we have to thank  Africans  eternally for having fought for the independence of Cuba, as our people  later did for the independence of this continent.

Another December 7th , but from 1989, the Cuban people became very sad when they buried the mortal  remains of the 2,085 martyrs who were carrying out military missions and 204 in civilian tasks, who died in missions in Africa. Today everyone rests in the “War Pantheon “ throughout the country, and in the Cacahual Monument, where Maceo and Panchito Gómez Toro his faithful assistant in our wars of independence also rest.

Then we cannot doubt that Cubans and Africans are twinned not only by blood, but by the history of struggles, by our cultures, and of course by science.

This Scientific Day that we celebrate today is a new demonstration of our ties of brotherhood and mutual solidarity over the centuries, and a dignified tribute to those who gave their blood for Cuba and for Africa.

It is at the same time a contribution to the development of medicine, vital for our peoples, and beautiful because together Cubans and Gambians presented more than 60 research papers for the benefit of health, one of the fundamental human rights.

 Congratulations to all who made this Scientific event with their organization and the presentations of their research a tribute to Fidel Castro, who certainly was, is and will be the greatest defender of Cuba, Africa, and all the oppressed people of this world.

He was the one who created our invincible Pacific Army of White coats, our Medical Brigades, and who instilled in us the solidarity we carry in our souls and hearts. He was and will be the most human of Cubans, the most dignified, and who from wherever he is will continue to encourage us to continue fighting for a better world for everybody.

Thank you very much.