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Cross-examination of PW1 (Sillaba Samateh) by Defence Counsel B.S. Touray

May 20, 2010, 12:19 PM

Q-         Do you know a man called Sunny Boy?

A-         I cannot remember.

Q-         Can you remember a gentleman called Kofi?

A-         I know three people called Kofi.

Q-         I am referring to Kofi, who was introduced to you by Muhammad Ceesay from Freetown?

A-         I don't know any Kofi through Muhammad Ceesay.

Q-         Do you know Muhammad Ceesay from Freetown?

A-         I can remember one Muhammad Ceesay, who was brought to me by one Edrissou.

Q-         That is the Muhammad Ceesay I am referring to. Do you know him?

A-         I know him by sight, but not as a personal acquaintance with him.

Q-         Did anything transpire between you and Muhammad Ceesay?

A-         Nothing.

Q-         Do you know Francis?

A-         No.

Q-         Do you know Sulayman?

A-         Edrissou introduced many people to me, but none was called Sulayman.

Q-         Do you know Marcell Nwauozie from Nigeria?

A-         No.

Q-         Do you remember giving Edrissou a newspaper translation relating to the arrest of Franklin, Maecell Nwauozie in Senegal?

A-         No.

Q-        You said you went to the police station with Salim and others?

A-         I did not say that. I said Salim was arrested, but I don't know the reason.

Q-         You are denying that it was the 1st accused that occasioned the arrest of Salim?

A-         I don't know who occasioned the arrest of Salim.

Q-         Do you remember an incident when one Musa Jawaneh came to your house at night?

A-         Yes.

Q-         On that occasion, who was present?

A-         I can't remember those two men.

 Q-        Apart from those two men, was there any person present?

A-         I can't remember their names.

Q-         Do you know that there was an NIA officer present in your house that night?

A-         I don't know.

Q-         That was the person who identified himself to you, and effected an arrest on you.

A-         No person arrested me that night.

Q-         What was mentioned in your house?

A-         It was Salim, who came to collect what he gave me before.

Q-         What was this amount?

A-         28,000 Dollars.

Q-         Did you pay anything?

A-         Yes.

Q-         What did you give that night in question?

A-         I gave him my vehicle as a guarantee.

Q-         Were you taken to Kotu police with Pa Mbaye and other Nigerians?

A-         It was the first accused who took us there.

Q-         When Ike was arrested, did you know the reason and did you make a statement?

A-         I can't remember.

Q-         Can you remember appearing before a panel at the police station for this cocaine; did you make a statement?

A-         Yes, I can remember making statement.

Q-         Can you remember being called as a prosecution witness in a case at the Banjul Magistrates' Court?

A-         Yes.

Q-         You gave evidence?

A-         Yes.

At that juncture, the defence counsel BS Touray applied before Justice Amadi for a copy of the witness statement made at Kotu police, to be made available to the defence.

The case was subsequently adjourned to 26 May 2010, at 12:30 for continuation.