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Cricket Association in Limbo

Mar 26, 2008, 8:16 AM

The Gambia Cricket Association is in urgent need of help to facilitate its participation in two prominent international tournaments set for April in Nigeria and South Africa.

The association has been invited and is expected to participate in the 2ndedition of the North West Africa Cricket Championship in Nigeria from 1stto the 11thApril 2008.

They are also expected to participate in the ICC, ACA World Cricket /league division 3 tournaments, scheduled for 13thto 18thApril in Benoni, South Africa.

As part of their participation, the association is expected to leave Banjul on Saturday via Dakar for Nigeria and later South Africa.

According to Gambia Cricket Association, they are yet to raise the needed amount of money to attend these competitions.

According to Jonny Gomez, Vice President of the Gambia Cricket Association, "We are in dire need of Assistance, and are soliciting donations to enable us participate in these competitions as it will go a long way towards raising the standard of cricket in the country. If we fail to appear in the competitions, we might be fined by the International Cricket Council."

The following numbers can be contacted for more information 9934415/9933777/7773939/9998944