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Creating a citadel of education

Oct 19, 2016, 10:01 AM

Education is not necessarily the panacea for solving our myriad of challenges as a nation or for bringing about complete national development, but it is the key to opening the doors to the development of an individual and society.

Therefore, ensuring that our state university structure is erected means creating the conditions for the nation’s citizens and, indeed, humankind to acquire higher education that would impact positively on the people of this nation, as well as the development of the country’s education superstructure.

So we say university complex ahoy to the building process of the University of The Gambia campus, whose construction deal of $53.46 million has just been signed between the Gambia government through the Ministry of Higher Education, and an Indian construction company called Shapoorji Pallonnji Mideast.

While we do not doubt the conviction of the present government in trying to take education to the doorstep of the people, as well as providing quality and affordable education, we are also convinced that the Indian construction firm contracted to build the University campus is well versed and competent in handling such construction projects. 

The National Assembly is a case in point, which the company successfully constructed for this country.

In fact, India, as a nation, has over the years succeeded in transforming itself through giving high priority to education. This can be seen in the well-built and resourced university campuses firms like Shapoorji Pallonnji Mideast have put up in India.

Education, indeed, should be given pride of place in our national drive and pursuit of becoming a developed nation.

Through education, a quality society full of people with skills and knowledge is built. It is, as all are aware, the key to attaining development in the life of an individual and of a nation.

The university edifice to be constructed by the Indian company Shapoorji Pallonnji Mideast would serve as a sound learning centre for our nation.

The undertaking is, therefore, considered to be a way to achieving a citadel of education for The Gambia and by extension Africa.

Thank you MoHERSTRA for the undertaking!

“Education the key to success”

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