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Court Orders The Gambia to Immediately

Jun 9, 2008, 5:17 AM

Release Journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh

In a landmark decision delivered on June 5th, 2008, The Community Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States
(ECOWAS) in Abuja, Nigeria declared the arrest and detention of Chief Ebrima Manneh illegal and ordered the Gambian authorities to immediately release him.
The court also awarded damages in the sum of US$ 100,000 in favour of Manneh against the Gambian Government.

It is refreshing to know that the court's decision is final. The Gambian authorities cannot appeal against the decision.
However, the Government of the Gambia has consistently denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of the journalist, and has never attended the court proceedings. Three witnesses testified in the case.
 The suit was filed before the regional court on behalf of Chief Manneh by MFWA.

Ebrima Chief Manneh disappeared without trace since July 7th 2006.