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Countdown to Nayconf 2012

Nov 22, 2012, 9:22 AM

Young people from across the country would later next month gather for yet another National Youth Conference and Festival, Nayconf.

The biennial event meant to bring together some one thousand five hundred young people from across the country and beyond, to share experiences and discuss issues that affect their lives, must be taken seriously by all and sundry.

Nayconf is hosted by various regions in the country by rotation, and would this year be held in the Central River Region, in December 2012.

Unlike the previous Nayconfs, this year’s event will see some changes and improvements, as well as some previously known events.

There would be a conference for five days, a youth exhibition, cultural manifestation, sports and a prize and awards ceremony.

We must, however, make it very clear to the organisers that they should not allow sport to dominate, to the detriment of one of the most important aspects of the event, that is, the national youth conference.

Young people in the country are faced with enormous challenges, some of which can only be solved by the youths themselves; thus the need to engage them seriously.

Events like the Nayconf would enhance the participation of youths in our national development efforts through harnessing their potentials.

Since the event is a national one, we urge regions and national youth organisations to ensure a very good representation, through involving the various categories of youths in their areas and groups in order to have the voices of all young people heard.

To the organisers, we hope that they would learn from the previous Nayconf experiences, and have a more and well-coordinated event this time round.

We also urge institutions to support the event, which is in the best interest of GAMBIAN YOUTH.