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Count Down to Brufut Run, 18th December, 2010

Dec 7, 2010, 2:22 PM | Article By: Mamudou Max Jallow, UK

Distinguish readers and fellow Gambians, as the count down to the 16th annual Brufut Run intensify, I wish to first congratulate the Brufut Run Association for their untried efforts to sustain this noble annual event for the community of Brufut. 16 years ago no body in Brufut talked about the run and some people in The Gambia could hardly believe such a popular event can make head lines in the promotion and development of Gambian sports. The ideology to sustain the run is confined within few committed members of the association working hard each year to ensure the run improve. Brufut Run Association is regarded one of the most successful associations in Brufut simply because of the shared common goal, commitment and selfless service for the community of Brufut and our beloved country.   

I wish to encourage all able people to participate this year either in the male 15KM run, female 8KM run, 42KM Bicycle race or IKM Walk race. All registered participants are expected to be rewarded with certificate, win food stuff/bag of rice raffle and cash prizes. The purpose of the run would not centre on wining prizes but the theme 'Run Against Hunger' would be discuss. The association would develop comprehensive report and work with The Gambia government, WFP and NGOs to further find solution on how to end hunger in our beloved country and the world at large.

I wish to congratulate Philippe Duterloo and Erik Berning currently in The Gambia working for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for joining the Brufut Run Association to support and educate Gambians on how to fight hunger through the run on 18th December. The efforts of The Gambia Cycling Association with the National Aids Secretariat to use the event and commemorate World Aids Day would be highly appreciated.

However, I wish to advise the runners to train hard and not to force themselves just to win which might course injury to their health. Let them remember that 'early birds catches the warm' so whoever did not train hard may not win but their participation would obviously be great achievement. Indeed anybody who participates or graces the occasion is winner.