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Coumba Gawlo Seck Changes Her Ways

Jun 27, 2008, 5:18 AM | Article By: By Ousman Cham (Senegal)

If she was disturbing you with her sexy style and scandalous dresses, the Senegalese diva Coumba Gawlo Seck has now decided to pack away all that the public may judge as indecent and make it a thing of the past.
"I'll stop my provoking style," she said in an interview with the Walfadjri newspaper when she returned from her Italian tour last week.
She says the reasons for her decision are due to the fact that in the lifetime of each human being, there is an evolution and every artist in their career needs to progress and innovate. "After many years and appearances I've gained a lot of experience, which means maturity and responsibilities," she said. Regarding the public who have taken her to where she is today; and who are still showing her all their affection; Coumba refused to be a bad influence for the teenagers that are copying her image. She doesn't want to disappoint the parents who don't like to see their daughters dressed in this exaggerated style.
Being aware of the responsibilities on her shoulders as an artiste; Coumba Gawlo has shown her intention from now on to set a good example for all the young girls who take her as a symbol.
Being praised all around the world as an ambassador of the Senegambian culture and an African child protector; this decision is warmly welcomed by all the actors who are fighting for the needy and decent behaviour from the youth of today.
Congratulations Coumba Gawlo. We love you too.