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Cooperation is Key to Stamping out Trafficking

Feb 4, 2009, 6:42 AM

It is heartbreaking to read the BBC report which states that there is serious concern among experts regarding an increase in child trafficking ahead of the World cup in South Africa. There are just 500 days to go before the international sporting event but concerns are running high that that it could create a market for child-trafficking. Researchers say the practice is rife especially in Mpumalanga, a province near Mozambique and Swaziland. Strangers, or sometimes relatives, illegally take children from their homes and send them to cities where they are used for prostitution, pornography or hard labour.

The African Union must help the South African government in their efforts to tackle this evil practice. The children are being taken from other countries and if borders are not being respected then it is a problem for all of Africa. The African unity spoken of at the African Union summit may still be a long way off but collaborative efforts such as this will bring it one step closer. More importantly it will help to protect the most vulnerable in our society, the future leaders not only of our nations but of our continent.

Many NGO's are concerned at the lack of progress on this issue and fear that if there is any more heel-dragging it will simple leave more children vulnerable to abuse. Some children have been saved however and we hope to hear more stories of this kind. In cases such as this cross-border cooperation between all African nations will be key to tackling the problem. Let's all come together to stamp out this evil practice.