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Consider the Poor And Needy

Aug 25, 2009, 2:28 PM

We would like to add our voice to that of the Supreme Islamic Council President to appeal to the business community to consider reducing the price of basic commodities, such as rice, oil, flour and sugar ahead of the Muslim feast of Ramadan. This will enable the poor people to perform their fundamental religious obligation with comfort and ease.

According to the investigation recently carried out by this paper, it has been realised that the prices of these aforementioned commodities have been drastically increased with no justification.

Cognizant of the fact that the demand for these commodities is high during this period some businessmen often use the opportunity to exploit the poor consumers.

Ramadan (month of fasting) is a very important month in the Muslim calendar, because it is a month of reward and blessing, as a result people should try to make it convenient for others by reducing the prices of foodstuff.

Ramadan is a month when people, particularly, Muslims should do more good deeds so that they would have the blessings of Allah instead of the opposite.

It's only out of greed that people can increase the price of these basic commodities at this time.

We were told that this month is a period of caring and love, and not bringing wrath on others by making things difficult for them.

Can you imagine a cup of sugar, which used to be three Dalasi fifty bututs few weeks ago, is now being increased to five Dalasi. This is ridiculous and must not be condoned.

We urge the Ministry of Trade to closely monitor the situation, and if possible punish the selfish businessmen who are responsible for this situation.

Once again, we are also appealing to the wealthy to consider helping the poor and needy throughout this holly month.

Mindful of the fact that any good thing one does during this month is being multiplied by God, we implore on the public to maintain purity of the heart.

At the domestic level, we ask our cooks not to cook more than it is necessary for the consumption of the household.

This attitude may result in waste of food, which is unIslamic and can bring curse to anyone who does it.

Food is life and everyone is entitled to it, irrespective of their status in society.

On this note, we say Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.