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Murder suspect opens defence

Nov 26, 2012, 9:46 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

Modou Sowe, a Senegalese national residing in Brufut, who was accused of murder, has told the Special Criminal Court in Banjul that he never killed his friend, as alleged by the prosecutor.

Modou Sowe, who was accused of murdering one Babucarr Ceesay at Brufut, further told the court that he was a shepherd, and worked with the deceased person at the same place.

He said he knew Ceesay well, and denied that he used a stick to beat him on his head.

Designated as defence witness (DW1), Sowe added that on the day in question, he left together with the deceased person to feed the cattle in the bush, and that they were going toward a village called Sarre Pateh.

 It was already 10 am and it was time for the cattle to drink, he said, adding that while drinking the cattle at the pond, three chaps appeared before them, and that he knew two of them by their names.

Testifying further, the accused person told the court that the persons who appeared before them had a pedal bicycle, and Ceesay told him to sit under the tree and wait for him, because three of the cattle were missing.

 The deceased left with the chaps, as Ceesay knew the cattle more than him, and he left with the other cattle to the place they used to tie them.

 He added that the brother of PW4 came and asked about the deceased person, and he told him the deceased went in the accompany of  the three chaps.

Sowe further told the court that he went home, and later the police came and asked him about the shirt he was wearing before they arrested him and conducted a search on his belongings.

“They effected arrest on me, and put me in handcuffs,” the accused told the court.

DW1 further revealed that he was taken to Brusubi Police Station, where he was asked about the whereabouts of the deceased, and that he told his side of the story.

He added that the two boys were later arrested and released, stating that while in the cell two people came in with a torchlight and asked him to thumb-print a paper, which he refused and was also asked to sign the paper by force, which he also refused.

 “I was subjected to torture which resulted to injury and unconsciousness,” he said, adding that he was given a bottle of water and after drinking, he fell unconscious, and they inflicted torture on him again.

“The following morning, when PW4 came, the police told him that I have admitted the charge,” the accused person continued.

“If I have committed the crime, I would have fled. I will not wait for the police to come and arrest me,” he said.

 The case continues.