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Communities Saloum, hail, Njawara agricultural centre,

Dec 4, 2015, 10:01 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The communities of Fass in Upper Saloum, and Jahaur Mandinka and Jahaur Tukulor of Lower Saloum have applauded the Development Agriculture Programme of Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC) for empowering farmers.

The programme, a new project of the NATC, has supported the communities with improved seed of millet, cowpea, rice and groundnut that are climate resilient.

The villagers made these commendations recently at a review meeting held in Jahaur Mandinka and Fass, organised by the Development Agriculture Programme.

Babou Nyass, coordinator of the programme, also applauded the farmers for upholding “the best agricultural practices and sustainable environmental management”.

He said the capacity building of farmers on the use of millet, coos husk and cow dung on farmland contributed greatly to enhancing soil fertility and increase food production and productivity.

Mr Nyass also added that the piloting of climate resilience crops would empower farmers to increase seed multiplication to attain food and seed security.

Saikou Bah, a farmer at Jahaur, and Omar Satou Sallah, a farmer who doubles as the president of Group Juboo Farmers Association, lauded the efforts the NATC and Development Agricultural Programme for empowering farmers.

They said the adoption of climate resilience crops will mitigate the effects of food insecurity and unsustainable land management.

They said the programme has strengthened farmers’ capacity on proper management of natural resources and has also reduced the heavy dependence on fertiliser.

Mam Bayo, cowpea farmer at Jahaur Mandinka, and Mod Sallah, alkalo of Fass, said the agricultural programme has contributed to the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Women farmers, Fatou Secka of Fass and Kumba Jallow of Jahaur Mandinka, said the early variety of millet and groundnut has increased their production.

However, they also appealed for the project to support them with horse carts and seeders for timely transportation of rice and coos husk to the farmland.

Abdoulie Ndow, extension worker in the area, hailed the efforts of NATC and Development Agriculture Programme in complementing the government’s efforts at food security.