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Commemoration of Muslim Feasts - Imam Ratib Makes Proposal

Dec 15, 2008, 5:54 AM | Article By: Pap Saine

Alhagie Cherno Kah, Imam Ratib of Banjul, has said that it is high time for Gambians to fast, pray and celebrate both Koriteh and Tobaski on the same day as Saudi Arabia.

In his sermon on this year's Eid-al-Adha, locally known as Tobaski, Imam Ratib Kah expressed conviction that this could be done, because as he puts it, the time difference between Saudi Arabia and The Gambia is just three hours. "Saudi is just three hours ahead of The Gambia," he said.

According to Imam Ratib Kah, he will invite all his Imam colleagues and members of the Supreme Islamic Council to discuss issues.

"It is high time that we commemorate our feast exactly the same day as Saudi Arabia does," he added.

He commended members of the security forces for a job well done, noting that in The Gambia, people work freely both day and night without being attacked by criminals.

He also expressed the need for people to always collaborate with security forces to avert any criminal activity.

"We should always collaborate with our security forces whenever we know of any subversive activity taking place in this country by reporting it to them," he asserted.

For Imam Ratib Kah, everyone should be a community police officer to safeguard the interests and security of the nation. He congratulated His Excellency Professor Alhagi Yahya Jammeh on his new title. Imam Kah also commended the Banjul City Council, Aji Jeck Cham, TAF Construction Company, and Gambia Ports Authority for their contribution to decorate and renovate the King Fahad praying grounds.

He prayed for peace and prosperity for the nation, government and the President of the Republic.