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"Climate Change Could Become A Major Threat To The World"

Sep 16, 2009, 6:56 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Mr. Lamin Mai Touray of the Department of Water Resources, has revealed that climate change could become a major threat to food security around the world as it has strong impacts on food production and distribution.

Mr. Touray, who was speaking last Saturday in Tanjeh and Madiana during a sensitisation programme for four coastal communities on Ecotourism, said climate change is emerging as one of the main challenges humankind would face for many years to come.

According to him, abnormal changes in air temperatures and rainfall, and the increasing frequency and intensity of draught and floods have long-term implications on the viability and productivity of world's agro-ecosystem.

He stated that the causes of climate change being that it's dynamic and always changing through a natural cycle. These changes, he added, are being studied by scientists all over the world who are finding evidences. He dilated on the importance of climate change to The Gambia, noting that major socio-economic and environmental sectors are sensitive to climatic resources.

Mr. Touray added that the climate and non-climate sectors have significant influence on the status and evaluation of The Gambia's natural endowment. He further stated that climate change is indeed a major threat to the national well-being.

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