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CILIP approves over D5M grant for DPO

Jun 18, 2015, 10:05 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Community-based Infrastructure and Livelihood Improvement Project (CILIP) Gamworks Agency has approved a D5,067,673 grant for 17 different Disabled People Organisations (DPO)through the Gambia Foundation of the Disabled (GFD).

The agreement signed on 16 June 2015 at the Gambia Organisation of the Visually Impaired (GOVI) complex will see the beneficiary organisations invest the money into businesses such as milling machine, vegetable gardening, soap making, commercial transport, poultry, tailoring, wheelchair production, animal husbandry, stationery shop among other ventures of their choices.

Speaking at the ceremony, Maria Dacosta, Project Manager CILIP Gamworks Agency, said finalizing the process took them some time as it is something that has to do with money.

They also had to ensure the money gets to the right beneficiaries and be used effectively and efficiently, she said, adding that this was the first round of finalizing the agreement with some of the applicants.

Madam Dacosta advised recipients to maintain their groups after receiving the money, saying they wouldn’t want to see anyone using the money personally.

They would not entertain such acts, she cautioned them, adding: “Use the money for its rightful purpose because we will be monitoring you.”

They should as well try as much as they could to avoid fraud and misuse of the money, she went on, calling on people to change their attitudes for their betterment as well as of the nation.

Modou Sarr, M & E Specialist, said they want GFD to benefit so the gap between the disabled and the abled people will reduce.

There have been lapses when it comes to supporting disabled people, he pointed out, saying the opportunity provided them is to ensure livelihood.

The project has a lifespan, he noted, saying they want GFD to take ownership when the project phases out.

They do not want to see individuals diverting the money for their own personal use because that will discourage and block future investments, he remarked.

Isatou Sanyang, president of the GFD, also emphasised the need for the money to be used for its rightful purpose.

“Let’s work for our own and national development,” she told her fellow disabled, while also calling on them to work together.

They can do all that abled people do, she stated, and therefore thanked everyone who made them to realize the day’s event.

They shouldn’t waste the money and at the end say government is not helping them when it has done, she further said, pointing out that if they misused the money they might not get the opportunity again.

She therefore challenged every one to stand up and work to better themselves and the country.

Sulayman Colley, GFD vice president, also spoke briefly on the occasion