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Church feast day celebration in Brikama

May 8, 2013, 11:04 AM | Article By: Fr Edu Gomez, Parish of the Resurrection, Brikama

Sunday, 28th April 2013 was a big day in the Catholic Church of the Resurrection.  The feast day of the parish was marked and celebrated by parishioners and hundreds of well wishers from the greater Banjul area.  The day began with mass at 10am and the celebrant, Rev. Father Joseph Colley was joined by Fathers Edu, Mathew Mendy and Bruno Toupan.

“The Voice of the Resurrection” which is the Church Choir animated the mass with their melodious voices.  They sang the parts of the mass and other songs in Wolof and other local languages.  They were really a choir to hear and watch during the mass.

Rev. Father Joe Colley as commonly known during his homily preached on the theme of Christian love or Agape.  He stressed that Christian love is love of the other as one shows love to oneself.  Jesus Christ taught this kind of love in his ministry and refers to all who wants to belong to him and be among his disciples to live by this kind of love.

Father Joe, challenged the congregation to look into themselves whether they only express Christian love for those that they know and affiliate with.  If Christians love only those who love them and hate their enemies therefore they are not living as Christ would want them to live.  Love is the way of Jesus Christ and if Christians wants to be really truthful to themselves they should love all people as taught in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Lk. 10:25-37).

After listening to the message in the homily the congregation sang the creed in Latin and offered prayers of the faithful.  At the taking of the collections a group of special invitees were called upon to serve as collectors and receivers.  Those that served were Mr. Gabriel Mendy, Jimmy Johnson and the receivers were Mrs. Benigna Able-Thomas, Mrs. Rosamond Mahoney, and Hon. Mrs. Susan Waffa-Ogoo.

At this time the choir raised beautiful choruses that lifted the congregation to dance for the Lord.  This was a vivid evangelical experience in the Catholic Church of Brikama.

The day’s activities continued with sale of food, drinks and entertainment after mass.  There were a lot of delicacies available especially the grill fish and pork and the Nigerian fufu.  Everyone ate to their satisfaction and even had some take away home.  Drinks of all kinds were also available to suit the taste of the young and old.

The day’s festivity was great and all who were there could not exchange the experience for something else.  There was great ambiance because many old friends who missed each other met and exchanged pleasantries over a drink or some food.  The St Charles Musical Band also were a delight to watch and dance to their good music.  They carried everyone throughout the day dancing and jiving to their entertainment.  

The Community of the Parish Church were delightful to see all well wishers who came to the feast day celebrations.