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China Medical Team Offers Free medical test to SOS Orphans

Dec 31, 2019, 3:43 PM | Article By: Special Report by Momodou Jawo

China Medical Team in The Gambia, consisting of doctors majoring in general surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, radiology, pediatrics, critical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, obstetrics, and anesthesiology, over the weekend conducted a free medical testing for SOS orphans.

The team is sent by the Chinese Government and now working in the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital(EFSTH), Banjul with the aim to strengthen the friendship between the peoples of China and those of The Gambia.

According to the testimonies of many Gambians, the team is doing a tremendous job in providing high quality medical services for Gambians. The free medical testing was attended by all the 10 members of the China Medical Team.

The medical team also donated about 50,000 dalasis worth of medical instruments and daily necessities for SOS Children village.

The free medical test includes blood pressure measurements and electrocardiograms. The team also gave out some gallons of oil, bags of rice, footballs, bags, bottles and books.

Apart from their daily hospital work and the cooperative projects with their friendship hospital in Banjul, the team provide outreach medical services to benefit more common Gambian people. In addition, they also help to train the local medical human resources so as to build a lasting medical team in The Gambia.

While delivering his keynote speech at the FOCAC Beijing Summit in September 2018, President Xi Jinping said health care initiative was proposed as one of eight major initiatives in collaboration with Africa.

Therefore, in order to carry out this initiative, it was required that the China medical teams shall do better to meet the needs of the African people. Bearing this in mind, the China Medical Team has widened the range of bilateral health cooperation and makes more contribution to enhancing the health and well-being of the people in The Gambia.

Last month, the medical team conducted a two day free medical treatment for patients at the Bansang Hospital in the Central River Region which attracted patients from Upper River Region and some parts of the Senegalese southern region of Casamace.

Dr. Liang Songnian, a Radiologist who spoke to The Point after the exercise said the purpose of the event was to check on the well-being of the children as the future leaders of the country.

“Orphans need more love and that is why we chose SOS as the biggest children’s village and offer them with such kind of gesture. The children are the hope of the country and if they get more help Gambia would be more helpful, he said, adding that the gesture will also promote the relationship between Gambia and China.”

The Alternative Care Coordinator of the SOS Village, Haddy Touray, said: “We are delighted with the offer from the China Medical Team which would add value to what we do annually.”

“We do conduct medical check-ups for the children in order to know some of the issues affecting them. But I can tell you that the gesture from the medical team will go a long way towards complementing our efforts in our quest to provide quality care for the children.”

She said SOS can’t provide all the required materials that are needed and called on other institutions and philanthropists, and individuals to emulate the China Medical Team in supporting the children who she described as ‘the leaders of tomorrow.’

Prof. Tong Yanlong underscored the significance of the gesture, adding that supporting the government to provide quality health services delivery for Gambians is among their top priorities. Such kind of gesture, he added, will also strengthen the already existing relationship between Gambia and China, while expressing that they will continue supporting the country’s health sector.