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Child sex tourism

Oct 20, 2011, 12:00 PM

As the tourist season begins, we have to be very vigilant and work towards addressing practices such as child sex tourism.

The commercial sexual exploitation of children is now becoming an international problem, to which this country is not immune.

The practice goes along with child prostitution, pornography, and sex trafficking.

Child sex tourism is a lucrative and ever-present practice, affecting an estimated two million children worldwide every year.

Trafficking of children for sexual purposes has become trans-national and highly lucrative for those involved in the practice.

While we are not trying to discourage any one from visiting the Smiling Coast, we must ensure that as a nation of believers our norms and values are adhered to at all cost.

Sex trafficking and sex tourism are crimes that victimize the most vulnerable among us.

We must bring those who commit these crimes to justice, in the best interest of the girl-child.

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) has flourished for many years, and the world must do something about it.

The majority of sex tourists are adult males from more industrialized countries, who travel to poor countries like ours and carry out their actions.

We must realize and accept that the practice of child sex tourism can affect the economic, social, and moral integrity of our country.

Our girls who fall into such traps do endure the immediate and long-term emotional, psychological, and physical impact of sexual exploitation.

Knowing fully that children are more vulnerable to HIV and other STDs, we must protect them, guide and counsel them in order for them to resist child sex tourists.

We, therefore, call on the authorities to be very vigilant, and not to compromise on the values and norms of this our beautiful country.