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Charity Pearl donates rice to over 100 children

Oct 2, 2013, 11:31 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Charity Pearl, a charitable organisation, on 28 September donated bags of rice to more than one hundred and twenty-six kids in Barra, Dippakunda and its environs.

Speaking at the donation ceremony, the founder of Charity Pearl The Gambia, Madam Urska Rojnik, said that since they started giving donations to Gambian children, they whole process has been going smoothly, thanking the Gambia Government for creating an environment conducive for the operation of her organisation.

Recounting how they started operations in The Gambia, Madam Rojnik said she started sponsoring one child in 2011 by the name of Babucarr Mbye in Dippakunda and later she got other friends who were also interested in sponsoring kids in the country.

She then thanked her colleagues for also taking part in the charity of helping kids, saying that since 2011 to date, they have sponsored a good number of kids.

She said they donate rice, pay school fees of the kids, and give them money for transport as well as give their parents money to take care of the kids when they are sick by paying their medical bills.

She also said they are hoping to establish a nursery school for the kids where they will give them free education, free learning materials and free meal.

She said plans are also underway to start a project for Gambian women by building a skill centre for them to learn skills and serve as an income generation for them to also support their kids at homes and other family members.

Madam Irena Zupanc, a new member who recently joined Charity Pearl The Gambia and sponsoring ten kids, said she is very pleased to come to The Gambia to give a helping hand to the kids. She promised to continue sponsoring more kids.

Musa Faal, coordinator of Charity Pearl in The Gambia, commended the donors, saying the donation was timely.

More donations are on the way for the kids, he disclosed, saying they would continue to sponsor the kids up to higher level in education.

The donor team members included Ana Marija, Milena Kukovic and Jasmina Kodela all from Slovenia.