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Chair Lady Helps Sierra Leonean Refugees

Jul 21, 2008, 5:49 AM | Article By: By Malafie Badjie

A Sierra Leonean lady who has long been helping her country mates to send their properties back home has expanded her business and is now poised to send refugee properties to all parts of Sierra Leone.

Madam Adama Jalloh, commonly known as Chair Lady, has over two containers to ferry refugees' goods and persons to Sierra Leone on humanitarian grounds. As the talk about repatriation is rife and the UNHCR open to assist refugees from Sierra Leone to return as they deem it fit, Chair Lady has continued to cater for containers to go to that country in very small amounts.

Asking whether it was expensive running such a business, Chair Lady said it is expensive but for the sake of her country people she does not mind loosing as long as they are helped. "We need to love one another in our country to push it ahead. We should not see each other as different; God has a purpose for all of us, that is why he placed us in that country and why we are called Sierra Leoneans. It is only that country that has different languages but one lingua franca that is Creole."

According to Chair Lady, her containers have been going and coming. She said she has vehicles that go with passengers to Freetown on a daily basis. "I have a container on the verge of loading and would go with refugee luggage to Freetown in a week's time," she said.