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"CDDP is here to Assist Communities" - Mr. Njie

Aug 19, 2008, 7:14 AM | Article By: By Abdourahmann Sallah in CRR

The financial controller for the Community Driven Development Project for CRR North, Mr. Lamin Njie, has said that the CDDP aims to assist local communities in planning and implementing social and economic activity to improve their living standards.

This work is carried out in conjunction with local government authorities.

Mr. Njie made these remarks in an interview with The Point at his office in Kuntaur Wharf Town Niani district recently.

According to him, the CDDP project began with a lot of study and has a project implementation manual, a financial and administration manual and field guides for use by extension workers at community level.

He further stated that the financial and administrative manual shows how funds are to be used both at the LGA and village level. He added that the project has three components a community development facility, capacity building and implementation arrangements. Each of these components has an allocated fund to run their affairs.

In relation to fund flow arrangements, Mr. Njie said local government authorities will be responsible for disbursing the formula based grant for development activities at village and ward levels. The financial controller at the area level is particularly in charge of dispersing funds to villages and wards in accordance with the requirements. This happens after endorsement by the SDP and the PEC when each village or ward will enter into a triplicate agreement with the CDDP and the local government authorities. On the basis of the triplicate agreement, signed by the different villages or wards, the financial controller will prepare a replenishment request and send it to the PCT. Once a project has been positively appraised the VDC/WDC chairman and the RRI team leader enter into a financial agreement with the community development officer on behalf of the CDDP. He stated that upon the signature of that agreement the financial controller is requested by the CDO to release the first tranche of funds into the control of the Village Development Committee. The VDC's and WDC's will then request subsequent replenishment of their funds in their respective areas based on physical progress which will be certified by the relevant CDO based on project reports received.