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Catholic Men Solidarity Celebrates Easter

Apr 15, 2009, 7:31 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The traditional Kite Flying, formally of Banjul has taken its former glory and trying to increase under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Edu Gomez, the Cathedral Administrator at Banjul. Kite Flying is said to be a symbolism of the resurrection of Christ after His death on the Cross, where He opened His arms to embrace the world to Himself. The occasion, Christians believe that Christ rose to Heaven and in turn the kite that is flown on Easter Monday represents the risen Christ. The Catholic Men Solidarity at the Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral organised this year's Kite competition and beach outing at the refurbished beachside near the old Radio Syd.

The expectation of the Christian community and their Muslim friends usually rises high immediately after Christmas as they expect a grand outing to the beach with lots of competitions. Coming close to the time, the Catholic Men Solidarity of Cathedral in Banjul, always organises modalities associated to the Kite Flying ahead of time, the reason for which participants increase every year.

There were thousands of Christians with their Muslim friends to show the ongoing understanding between the two major religions in the country. Hundreds of cars could be seen parked outside the beach and thousands of people spread over the beach. Food and drink are put on sale including the kites that would soon go into competition to see which one goes the highest. Women get busy with food sale as men get involved in drink sale. Some families bring snacks and others come only to interact and make friends. Kites are soon seen flying high and others go insearch of more kites as others crash and are torn into pieces. Music is pumped very loud as people dance to the familiar vibes from the DJ. The merriment increases as time goes by the hour. Michael Davies taking the podium to commentate announces different competitions, ranging from Kite Flying Competition, Dancing Competition, Music and Chairs, Couples Competition and Question and Answer. A grand cup is set aside for the winner of the Kite Flying Competition. Though many a couple would refuse getting involved in the Couple Competition, but it ends up very interesting as couples are given questionaire to answer questions about their partners.

The result of the Kite Flying was amazing as Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mendy of St. Kizito's Catholic Church, Bakoteh came first as their kite went the farthest. Mr and Mrs. Mike O'reilly obtained the Second position.

The master of kites, who had in the past topped the other kite flyers, Rev. Fr. Edu Gomez, had an unfortunate event this year when his kite was on its way beyond the blues, and an intruding kite from among the energetic kites, tangled and brought down Fr. Edu's kite. People shouted but the kite could not be controlled thus leaving the scenery to announce the winners.

Mr. and Mrs. Adebisi won the Couple Competition seconded by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Njie. The competitions went on and dancing continued. Fr. Edu expressed delight over this year's turn out. "People need to come together to interact and know each other better. People love peace and these are avenues for peace. I thank all that came and those that have not come to see should brace themselves for the next one," he said. Bishop Robert P. Ellison and many dignitaries were in attendance. Electricity was provided and the show went on.