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Caribean musician in town, set to release second album

Dec 11, 2009, 10:13 AM

Caribean musician, Makeda and her producer are currently in the country to release her second album entitled: A Time Like Now.

Africell would sponsor the album. 

The 15-track album plus a bonus for Africell and is expected to be released this month. The multi-flavored fifteen-track is the second album to be release by The Caribean musician.

In an exclusive chat with Entertainment recently at her base in Senegambia, the young Caribbean musician said that it took her two months working on her album. She noted that the album would also serve as an invaluable source of education, information and entertainment. Makeda revealed that the album, which is in a CD format, would be available on sale countrywide as soon as it's release. The international musician went on to explain that her first visit in The Gambia was on holidays. She revealed that during that visit she was able to meet with movers and shakers of the Gambia music industry, where she gave some promotional materials to DJs. "During that visit, I performed at the beaches and then to the radio stations to promote my music," she said. 

Expressing her appreciation to The Gambian people for their hospitality, Makeda give thanks to her main sponsors, Africell.

"I was very happy about my first trip in The Gambia, that's why I came back," she said.

The young musician released her first album entitled: Moments Through the Mine, meaning that each person is like a moment and thinks about the whole time. The album stated so many things that one can do for the world. According to her, one can clip on www.myspace.com/ organic Akusticks inorder to have access to the album.