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Bring back the Kaacha Programme on GRTS!

Jun 26, 2012, 12:52 PM

There used to a very popular and educative Mandinka programme on GRTS TV anchored by Kebba Dibba and known as Kachaa.

But since the shake up at the state broadcaster some time last December, which also affected the anchor, the popular programme has not been aired.

In a recent GRTS audience survey carried out by this paper, the majority of them single out the show as one of the most interesting and educative programmes featured on GRTS.

They call on the management of GRTS to continue featuring their favourite show.

We would like to join these people to call on the GRTS management to bring back the famous programme, and to put in place strategies for possible replacement of all programmes should in case those in charge are not available for such programmes.

While we appreciate and welcome the coming of some new TV programs, we do not support the way the Kachaa programme is being handled.

Sustaining popular programmes on TV is essential and equally challenging for TV programming and management.

Even some Gambians abroad who also participated in responding to our questions on what is their favorite TV programme, have all expressed their dissatisfaction with Kachaa not being featured since last year.

We firmly believe that public institutions, including GRTS, must meet the needs and satisfaction of all Gambians through the services they offer.