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Boro Kanda Kasse Association launched

Aug 8, 2017, 12:18 PM

Boro Kanda Kasse Community Development Association (BKKCDA), a newly formed community development association, was recently launched at a ceremony held in Bundung.

The association is formed by natives of the communities of Boro Kanda Kasse in Upper River Region in The Gambia and abroad in the quest to actively participate in the development process of the country.

Muhammed Lamin Juwara, coordinator of the association, said the objectives of BKKCDA include fostering and promoting understanding and cooperation among its members and the Government of The Gambia and other associations, organisations, groups or societies for the purpose of contributing effectively to the promotion of charity, education, recreation, and or cultural or social activities for the development of the village of Boro Kanda Kasse.

He said the BKKCDA – its motto ‘Collectively, We Can Make a Difference’ – was formed to actively take part in realizing the country’s socio-economic development aspirations.

“We want to organise the community for nation building,” he said.

Mr Juwara has led so many successful organisations within and outside The Gambia for the past 12 years.

For more on the association, membership and registration, the executive members can be reached via these contacts:

Cell phone: 7955536/7980162/9911150/6944088

Email: bkkcda@gmail.com