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Block Entertainment to shake The Gambia with Double Albums

Jan 6, 2012, 2:06 PM

Preparations are at the final stages for Block Entertainment to release their double albums - Rap Khalifa Mohawk and Musik Is Culture - come 6 January 2012 at the Alliance Franco Gambienne on

Kairaba Avenue

The celebrations of the albums on the day of the release will bring on stage some prominent Gambian artistes, such as Mohawk Rap Khalifa, Gee, Abu and Fafa, Pa Omar Jack, Manna Oz, Mc Mbye, Jalimadi, Tazman, Mighty Joe, Daddy Boston, Big Faa, Poetic X, Jabel, Daddy J International, Nancy Mboob, Cess, AT, and New Era.

Speaking during a press conference held at the QCell head office on Kairaba Avenue, Kutubo, General Manager of  Block Entertainment, thanked the sponsors of the albums, such as QCell, Dutimate Fashion, N-Webplus and other remarkable sponsors for their support.

“This programme is about Block Entertainment record label, which was founded in 2009 with the signing of 9 artistes,” he said, adding: “We are also working on movies as well as modeling.”

The Block Entertainment manager also said the Block will be releasing its first compilation albums on the beautiful night of 6 January.  “Our aim is to take The Gambia music to higher level,” he said.

Kutubo reiterated his profound thanks and commendation for QCell and the other sponsors.

He also thanked Mam Cherno, who came all the way from Dakar to attend the event.

Abdoulie Bojang, CEO of ABLO Promotion, thanked Block Entertainment for their ingenuity in releasing sound albums in the country’s music industry.

“Music is something which is very important and is needed to be supported,” he averred, while calling on musicians in the country to be united if they want to succeed in the music arena.

“As a musician you need to ‘hide’ in order to make a name,” Bojang said.

MS Jallow, Senior Marketing Officer of QCell, said QCell is quite supportive of good initiatives.

He added that most of their support goes to education and health and “is also coming slowly to the music industry”.

“QCell offers the cheapest tariff,” Jallow said, adding: “QCell is behind you and we will support Block Entertainment.”

Mohawk, founder of Block Entertainment, thanked all those who attended the press conference.

He showered profound thanks on QCell and the other sponsors for their invaluable support, while calling on all music fans in The Gambia to come out en mass to support the event slated for 6 January 2012 at the Alliance Franco Gambienne.