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Bill on youth affairs to be enacted this year, Jammeh says

Mar 6, 2015, 10:42 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

President Yahya Jammeh on Friday said the Ministry of Youth and Sports will submit the Gambia National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS), National Sports (NS), President’s International Award (PIA) and National Youth (NY) Bill to the National Assembly for enactment, at the State Opening of the National Assembly for the 2015 legislative year held at the National Assembly Building in Banjul.

“In this year 2015, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will review the youth and sports development policy instruments and submit the following bills to the National Assembly for enactment: the Gambia National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS), National Sports (NS), President’s International Award (PIA) and National Youth (NY),” President Jammeh said.

He added that the Youth and Sports ministry had also formulated a five-year strategic development plan 2015-2019.

“The strategic plan recommends a country coordinating mechanism (CCM) approach as an instrument for coordination of interventions in youth empowerment and development, which has already become operational,” the President said.

“My Government recognizes that the youths have a critical role in the development of this nation. That is why we have initiated many policies, strategies, interventions and developments.

“The onus is now on the youths to take advantage of the numerous opportunities at their disposal, be it in education, skills or self employment.

“Although some have heeded our call by actively engaging in gainful self-employment, there are still many more that sit idly by and depend on relatives, for their daily living.”

The President said further that his government through the Youth and Sports minister, and in collaboration with development partners, would continue to invest in youth and sports development in pursuit of the national development aspirations.

He advised the youths to change their attitudes, adding that foreigners in the country are well dressed because of their hard work.

He said the youths are wasting their youthful lives in engaging in the back way travels.

Although going to Europe or the West is a matter of choice, the President said, the youths “should not go there and start castigating their government.”

They should stop blackmailing their parents to take loans and at the end of the day they forfeit both themselves and the money, President Jammeh warned.