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Bidding Farewell to a Rare Visitor

Mar 12, 2009, 5:38 AM

Last Monday, the Spanish 1st Vice Prime Minister departed Banjul International Airport for her homeland after a two day working visit.

The visit to The Gambia, of Her Excellency Dona Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, was a rare political and diplomatic occurrence. Not only is it rare seeing women Vice Presidents and Vice Prime Ministers coming from these parts of Europe that have been dominated for many centuries by men, it is also very heart-warming to receive a high level visit particularly from the Kingdom of Spain, for the strengthening of bilateral co-operations between our two countries. This bid at improved co-operation takes on greater significance in light of the mass exodus of recent times from our West African shores to the Spanish shores, on perilous seas, merely in search of work or greener pastures.

It is hoped therefore that the visit was able to cover strategies of addressing this problem and establishing new bilateral patterns from which both countries could be saved the trauma of such fatalistic experiences and put in place mechanisms for a more productive and less hazardous partnership.

We thank the Spanish government through Her Excellency Madam Fernandez de la Vega whom we also wish well in her diplomatic and international pursuit.