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Being a good citizen

Dec 7, 2009, 1:07 PM

Many spoke of a citizen's responsibility to vote, serve in the military, pay taxes, protect the environment and share one's opinions. The qualities needed to be a good citizen are synonymous with those needed to be a good neighbour, good friend, good mate, good parent, good grandparent, or any other person. A good citizen must believe in themselves, their country, its goals and aspirations and defend freedom anywhere in the world.

A good citizen uses the freedom they have been given to make life better for others; working for the common good is a hallmark of a good citizen. A good compatriot knows that individual rights spring from the roots of justice and are nurtured by respecting one another's equality. A good citizen is someone who thinks more highly of others than he does himself, who shows kindness to all people, who is humbled by the freedoms he enjoys, and who stoops to pick up a piece of litter instead of passing it by.

We must be truthful, straight and honest; respect our freedoms and those of others;
 be trustworthy; always do our best; and pay taxes and support our great country. Above all, a good citizen is a person who is ready, willing and able to be and do all he or she can to promote, protect, defend and support the basic freedoms of all fellow countrymen, regardless of their colour or creed

A good citizen shows respect and tolerance for his country and for those who guide it. He speaks highly of accomplishments. He voices concern for questionable actions in a sane and respectful manner. He builds his country up. A good citizen disciplines himself to live within the laws of the country and will do all it take to protect the Constitution on which our freedom is based.

A good citizen strives to act honourably when faced with substantial truth; does not place trust blindly in authority; gives his best when needed; accepts responsibility for all his conduct; and will not accept defeat lightly. A good citizen realizes he has been blessed by his country and seeks to give back by serving his fellow citizens. He loves his homeland despite its imperfections and embraces what makes this nation great: the right of every citizen to seek change for the better.A good citizen knows that freedom is not free. They also know that their country is the best place to be. When you truly care, you respect the rights of all fellow citizens. By daring, you stand up for decency and for what is right. By sharing, you give of your talents to your country. By being responsible, you meet your commitments to your country.