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Be mindful of street foods

Jul 14, 2011, 2:15 PM

Most Gambians are so used to street foods that even to eat at their homes at times becomes difficult for them.

The reason why sometimes people prefer to eat street foods is due to the long hours they spend at the workplace.

However, the danger in buying such foods is that at times they are exposed to dust, and one can also have food poisoning or other contaminations, as a result of the food if it is not properly prepared.

Since the coming into force of the Food Act in 2005, the National Nutrition Agency ( NaNA) and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare have conducted a series of sensitization programmes with food vendors on food hygiene and safety, in order to address the health needs of the population.

Good food and nutrition is very essential in the life of every human being.

So as far as people are used to street foods, vendors have to ensure that they prepare safe food for their customers.

It is also a duty of the public health officers to always make routine visits to the vendors’ place of work to make sure that the food prepared is fit for public consumption before selling it to the public.

Also, the public health officers should always ensure that all the street food vendors selling must be medically tested first, before issuing a health certificate to them, which will allow them to sell in schools and other locations across the country.

They have to also endeavour that the test is conducted regularly.

It is high time the Ministry of Health and other relevant stakeholders implemented the Food Act, so that the public would comply accordingly.

We should not compromise our health for anything, because a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.  

Let us all work together for the betterment of our health.

This is the only way that can bring about a healthy population.

The food we eat matters a lot for the growth and development of the individual.