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Be mindful of hackers!

Jul 13, 2012, 12:37 PM

Hacking is a computer crime that is now becoming common. Quite often you hear people complaining of their emails and other official data being tampered with by unknown people.

These are the works of hackers and cyber criminals who alter computer hardware and software, in order to cause damage to important data on your computer or to simply steal secret information.

They targets bank details such as Visa Card numbers, personal email conversations and many other confidential information of people.

These people are hard to trace since they could do their criminal activities even in their homes, internet cafes, offices and many other places one would not know.

They also target both home and office computers, and have the ability to destroy even your computer when connected to the Internet. The Internet makes PCs vulnerable to attacks from hackers from across the globe.

The practice is a violation of the privacy of others, since their network’s security is invaded, and thus caused damage to confidential files, the web page or software.

Concerted efforts are needed to address the problem of hacking in the country such as reporting the crime suspects to the police, and enacting a law to criminalize it.

Cyber crime is becoming a cause for concern as people use computers, and the internet to harm others for their selfishness.

Many people complain of receiving unsolicited emails on a daily basis from persons they do not even know.

These persons pretend to be someone you know, asking you for a favour such as financial assistance or giving you a sound looking business proposal.

However, one should be very much on the alert as most of these emails are fraudulent.

Sometimes, they will congratulate you as winning something or you are invited to a conference in Europe or the US, always something far from the truth.

So, our advice is that everyone should be mindful of hackers and cyber criminals.