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Basse market inferno!

Feb 28, 2020, 1:00 PM

Fire outbreaks in commercial areas seem to be becoming an increasingly regular part of our lives, especially in congested urban spaces. It is in the news that Basse central market in the Upper River Region on Monday night went up in flames. It is fortunate that in this case, loss of life was avoided.

The inferno, according to many, is one of the worst disasters ever in the history of the town. However, the cause of the fire still remains unknown, but many believe that the fire may have started as a result of an electrical short circuit.

Following a rapid assessment conducted by concerned authorities, the colossal damage caused stands at D571, 597,000,551. Over 300 stalls have been destroyed. 

Poor electrical short circuits, is one of the leading causes of fire outbreaks in the country. It is high time landlords and that in-charge of public markets and offices see how best to tackle this menace. Yes, it is possible to avoid such occurrences.

Also, the reasons behind why fires cause so much damage include the lack of fire-fighting equipment installed in commercial establishments which includes hydrant, a fitting in a street or other public place, where water can be assessed.

It is unfortunate that the entire market as busy as Basse Central market surrounding has no fire hydrant. Lack of this facility even made it difficult for fire fighters to battle the raging inferno. In this these if facility was in place the extent of the damage could have been minimised.

Therefore, it is especially vital that fire safety measures be followed in public markets, offices and even buildings and raise awareness about the need to implement steps which can prevent major hazards, including the installation of safety fire gadgets and hydrants and even smoke alarms.

We should bear in mind that our urban areas are rapidly expanding and are witnessing increased commercialisation. It is important that our infrastructure, buildings and fire-fighting capabilities keep up with these rapid developments.

We want to extent heartfelt sympathy to all those who are affected in one way or the other.

“It takes two flints to make a fire.”

Louisa May Alcott