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Barrow urged to cut trip short amid first coronavirus case in Senegal

Mar 3, 2020, 12:57 PM

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has called on President Adama Barrow to cut short his trip from the provinces and convey a cabinet meeting on the issue as soon as possible to mobilise all available resources and open every channel of communication in and outside of the country to strongly face the deadly virus, after a first case has been confirmed in Senegal.

“The government must take giant step towards securing all entry points to the Gambia and monitor the movement of people in and outside the country. The COVID-19 is deadly and an enemy to all of mankind, it is spreading so fast around the world and without any cure as at now,” the party says in a missive.

“The implication of such a virus to the Gambia will not only cause massive fear among people but also within a week or so can paralyzed the few standing arsenal of our economy including tourism and the free movement of goods and services. The Gambia is a country so vulnerable due to its social and economic settings; being a cash economy, tight public transport system and other numerous social gatherings.”

“The GDC is urging the media, health sector, teachers, civil societies, National Council for Civic Education, the Gambia police and security forces in their capacity to be on alert to give full support to authorities in protecting the Gambia and her borders from the deadly virus through education and any other available means that comes their way.”

“We are asking people to listened to authorities with regards to issue of the COVID-19 and constantly engage in prayers for Allah to save us all. Long live the Gambia and the people of the Gambia.”