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Banjulians gear up for city’s 200-year anniversary

Mar 2, 2016, 10:50 AM | Article By: Kaddijatou Jawo

The members of the Banjul Bicentenary committees yesterday briefed the media on the forthcoming commemoration of Banjul 200 years anniversary, after it was founded in 1816.

The press conference held at the Banjul City Council was attended by some committee members to discuss issues relating to the commemoration of the city’s anniversary in April 2016.

It is an occasion for the city to proudly showcase its rich traditions, history and fellowship with an assortment of fun and educational events.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, Alhagie Mbye Chaw, a cultural expert, said: “We as committee members we are working hand in glove to make the culture of Bathurst, now Banjul, known to all categories of people, old, young and even the unborn.”

He said the culture should be preserved because many people did not know certain historical places that exist or existed in Banjul, and nothing was done to make it known to the people.

He said the other thing that the committee will be involved in is a documentary on Banjul since in the early days, and will be contacting people who are alive and interview them on the things they could remember from the colonial era.

In his remarks at the conference, Mam Sait Ceesay, a veteran journalist and a committee member, outlined the activities to mark the forthcoming event, saying the initiative was taken to consult with some committed Banjulians and Gambians considered to have the relevant knowledge and experience about the history of The Gambia, in general, and the culture of Banjul, in particular.

He added that the ad-hoc planning committee was transformed to a coordinating secretariat/committee to facilitate prompt and continuous implementation and monitoring of decisions taken by the larger organising committee.

The secretariat was expanded to incorporate sub-committee chairman and other members to further set the goals of the bicentenary activities, he added.

The duration of the programme of events will commence in April 2016 as an occasion for the city to proudly showcase its rich traditions, history and fellowship with an assortment of fun and educational events.

The committee also discussed development and environment issues.

“The task ahead is great and will not be easy, but it is hoped that with the support of the central government and institutions, private business sector and economic operators, educational institutions as well as cultural and social associations, the event will be a great success,” a statement by the committee said.

“The organising committee, therefore, calls for the support of all Banjulians and Gambians, near and far, to join this great venture so that this great and historic enterprise would be narrated to our grandchildren, where each and every one of us will be able to say proudly ‘I was there, and I contributed to that great venture marking 200 years of Banjul’.”