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Banjul Qualifying Rounds to Commence Friday

Jul 7, 2008, 8:17 AM

The qualifying rounds of the 2008 Banjul Nawetaan will kick-off on Friday, 11th 2008 in two venues, Saint Augustine's and Gambia Senior Secondary Schools. Twenty -six teams will be battling to occupy the only four places made available to them in Nawetaan proper.


According to the Banjul Sports Committee, the first and second rounds of the qualifiers is expected to end on Sunday July 20th 2008 and the balloting for the finals will be done the same day at Saints.  All qualifying teams representatives will be expected to attend the draw.   



DATE                                       TEAMS                                         TIME                 VENUE

FRI: 11/7/09                  JAHASOBI VS BENNOR                               4.30PM           SAINTS

                                    GLOUCESTER UTD VS ADONIS                   4.30PM           GHS


SAT: 12/7/08                 THREE POINTS VS DAEGO                         9.00AM           SAINTS

                                    FILA YOMBEH VS WAILERS                       3.00PM           SAINTS

                                    BIRI BIRI VS HANNOVER                             5.00PM           SAINTS


                                    FUTURE STARS VS COMIUM                      9.00AM            GHS

                                    LANCASTER UTD VS REDLINE                    3.00PM           GHS

                                    M M FAAL VS SIKARSI                                5.00PM           GHS


SUN: 13/7/08                 AJAX VS RISING STARS                              9.00AM           SAINTS

                                    MAKANBI VS MAM B FAAL                          3.00PM           SAINTS

                                    KILLER GHETTO'S VS BOUTIQUE                 5.00PM           SAINTS



FRI: 18/7/08                  M M FAAL/ VS HADDINGTON UTD                 5.00PM           SAINTS

                                    SIKASI FILA YOMBEH/ VS MAKANBI             5.00PM           GHS

                                    WAILERS MAM B FAAL


SAT: 19/7/08                 BIRI BIRI/ VS LANCASTER UTD/                     3.00PM           SAINTS

                                    HANNOVER REDLINE

                                    AJAX/VS GLOUCESTER UTD/                         5.00PM           SAINTS

                                    RISING STARS ADONIS


                                   JAMESEN  VS THREE POINTS/                       3.00PM           GHS

                                   DAEGO KILLER GHETTO'S/ VS JAHASOBI/     5.00PM            GHS

                                    BOUTIQUE BIBENNOR


SUN: 20/7/08                NATANGA VS SKUNFICA(VIENNA)                   5.00PM          SAINTS