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Banjul Muslim Elders Committee holds 3rd yearly Quranic ‘Nafila’

Jul 4, 2016, 9:12 AM

(Friday Issue, 1 July 2016)

The Committee of Banjul Muslim Elders on Wednesday 29 June 2016 held its third yearly Quranic ‘Nafila’ at the King Fahad Mosque in Banjul.

The night was attended by prominent religious leaders, and Sierra Leonean’s ambassador to The Gambia, among other people from different walks of life.

At the end of the prayers, the imams that led the prayers were awarded cash amounts and Koriteh clothes by the committee.

Speaking shortly after the conclusion of the prayers, the Imam Ratib of Banjul, Alhaji Cherno Kah, said there had been progress and development with the Nafila and, therefore, thanked the Bilal for his stance and deeds.

He pointed out that this year’s Nafila coincided with the country being an Islamic Republic, as well as other developments for the nation.

Imam Kah thanked the Minister of Information and the GRTS Director, as well as Ansarudeen TV, for the broadcast of the ‘Nalifa’.

He prayed to Allah for development and peace to continue in the nation and the world at large.

He further prayed to Allah to help President Yahya Jammeh achieve all positive things he intends for the nation, saying the importance of his stance on religion and the nation cannot be over-emphasised.

He stated that President Jammeh had given a lot of money towards Quranic recitation competitions, and because of his initiative young Muslims all over the country could recite the Holy Quran, “which is a big blessing”.

On behalf of Banjul Mayor and Muslim Elders Committee, he thanked everyone who was present during the Nafila. and prayed that Allah grant everyone’s wishes.

 He went on to thank Ambassador Sulayman B. Daramy, Alhaji Ali Mbye, Alhaji O.B. Conateh, Imam Barham Jobe, Imam Bittaye, Imam Sarr, all imams and other elders.

He also prayed to the Almighty Allah to make the hearts of Gambians and Senegalese one, as well as ensure the political relationship between the two nations is always cordial.

The Bilal of Banjul, Alhaji Bai Sainey Secka, also thanked the Imam Ratib of Banjul and the Committee of Banjul Muslim Elders.

“All this is possible because of Imam Kah’s vision, openness, encouragement and support towards the young ones.”

He also thanked Baye Alhaji Nyass, who came from Senegal. He as well thanked Africell for supporting them with Ndogu and for the Quranic competition they organised.

 The Banjul Bilal also thanked everyone that contributed in one way or the other to support them.

He reserved special thanks for President Yahya Jammeh for providing them daily ‘Ndogu’ throughout the Ramadan.

He also thanked institutions and individuals that had also provided ‘Ndogu’ and other items for them, praying to Allah to reward all of them abundantly.

Banjul Muslim Elders Committee’s Secretary General Alhaji Alieu Mboge said they were pleased with the attendance of the dignitaries. He thanked the imams that have been with them throughout the Ramadan.

He also prayed for long life and good health for everyone, with special gratitude showered upon the imams that led the prayers.