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Association of Albinos chairperson speaks

May 21, 2013, 10:18 AM | Article By: Bakary Samateh

Alagie Touray, chairperson of the Association of The Gambia Albinos (AGA), has complained about the challenges albinos are facing in the country.

Mr Touray was speaking in an interview with this reporter recently at his resident in Latrikunda Sabiji.

According to him, the aim of his association is to promote, champion and advance the course of albinos in the country as it is in line with humanistic principles.

He added that the a association also aims to promote African culture in a manner that demands a rational, realistic and respectful approach to all beliefs and practices of the culture, and it also aims to promote the teaching practices of African culture.         

He said that in countries where the majority of the citizens are dark in complexion, albinos are suffering from grave stigmatization, thus relegating them into self-imposed social exclusion in life.

This is particularly is true of Eastern Africa where the absolute belief in witchcraft and sorcery has led to the victimization of albinos in that part of the world.

“Our colleagues in Eastern Africa have got their dignity as human beings confiscated, liberty nipped and personality killed,” he said.

He suggested the need for the establishment of a union of albinos in the country and in Africa, to champion the course of albinos and organizing themselves to enlighten the masses to understand and accept the virtues of humanity.

“We recognize that where there is oppression and exploitation there is resistance and we recognize that where there is poverty and ignorance there is no dignity and prosperity,” he added.

“We recognize that where there is no equality and respect for people’s rights, there is no liberty and peace.”

Part of their principles is to see where all human beings are equal on terms of value, rights, responsibilities and duties irrespective of height, wealth and knowledge, he said, adding that one of their plans this year is to conduct a nationwide survey on the albino population in the country and to embark on a massive public awareness creation about their plights.