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Assault, criminal trespass case continues

Dec 15, 2010, 12:34 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty

The criminal trial of assault causing actual bodily harm and criminal trespass involving one Nfamara Sanyang, a resident of Lamin, continued recently at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Babucarr Secka.

Testifying, the third prosecution witness, Richard Gomez, said is a businessman, and he recognised the accused person at the court.

He said that on 30 August 2010, he was at his home when he received a phone call from one Rohey Keita, the girlfriend of the complainant, Kidlikin.

Rohey Keita, Gomez added, told him that the complainant, Kidlikin, was fighting with the landlord (the accused), and that Rohey needed his help.

“Upon my arrival, I found many people standing outside the compound including the accused person, but the compound gate was closed,” Gomez told the court.

PW3 further adduced that he then called Rohey Keita to open the gate for him to enter. “As I went closer, I saw Kids sitting on the veranda and was seriously bleeding from his head,” PW3 explained.

“I asked him what happened and Kid told me that the accused hit him with a timber on his head,” he said.

“I drove him to Yundum Police Station and reported the matter and we were escorted to Bunjulinding Health Centre where Kid was treated and discharged. We went back to the station and found the accused person.”

Meanwhile, the prosecution decided to close their case after the testimony of their third witness.

In his defence testimony, the accused, Nfamara Sanyang, who says he lives in Lamin, told the court that he knew the complainant, Kidlikin.

He said the complainant was a tenant in his compound and on 29 August 2010, as he was preparing to go to bed, one Nfamara came and informed him that his goats were causing some noise and did not know what was happening to them.

 ‘I went over to find out what was happening to my goats, by calling the name of the complainant and knocking the compound gate but there was no response,” the accused told the court.

 “I jumped over the fence and as I was going towards my goats the complainant hit me on the back,” he added.

He said he told the complainant that he went to the house to search for his goats, but the complainant told him that he was not actually there for that.

“As I was talking to him, he rushed again to hit me and I ran behind his car,” he said, adding that the timber got broken and the complainant fell on the concrete ground.

He said he went to report the matter to the police and the police told him that they were about to go and pick him up as he had already been reported at the police station by the complainant.

He said when the complainant returned from the hospital they both made statements and he was later detained.

At that juncture the case was adjourned for continuation. 

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