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Assault case heard

Dec 14, 2012, 9:23 AM | Article By: Isatou Senghore

The assault case involving Fatoumatta Fatajo and Haddijatou Sam was Wednesday heard at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally.

Testifying, Isatou Dibba told the court that she lives at Touba Sanchaba and she is a housewife.

She added that she recoganised the accused persons, as they lived in the same compound.

Mrs. Dibba added that on 23 October 2012, she was at home when the accused persons were insulting her anyhow they liked.

Even after reporting the matter to her husband, the accused continued to insult her, she said, adding that the problem was about the cash-power units her husband would always buy.

The 1st accused told her she was an illegitimate daughter and that she would always put the cashpower on only when she was pleased, while the 2nd accused told her that she was un-brought up.

She said there was a day she called her husband to know his whereabouts and he told her he had closed late and also passed by NAWEC to buy some units of cash power.

She added that when her husband arrived, he found the 1st accused using abusive words on her because the cash-power did not come on time.

“My husband then went to the accused persons and met the 1st accused sitting with her mother still using abusive words,” she said.

The husband begged the 1st accused by telling her that it was not his wish to come late with the cash-power because he closed late from work and he passed through NAWEC where he found a queue.

She said the husband also told the 1st accused that if she insulted his wife, she was trespassing because she was not the one buying the cash power.

Mrs Dibba further told the court that she went and reported the 1st accused to her elder brother who came and beat her up.

She said she did not go to the 1st accused’s brother purposely to come and beat her but to stop what she was doing.

She revealed that the 1st accused then came and found her outside, and insulted her mother and lifted a bench, and threw it on her legs.

She added that the 2nd accused also came and gave her a blow on her face and pushed her against the glass door and caused it to break.

She said she went to her husband who accompanied her to the police station, where they met with the 2nd accused, who told the police that (she Dibba) was the one they were reporting.

They all narrated their own stories and the 2nd accused was accompanied by a police officer to go and get the 1st accused.

Their statements were recorded and she was later escorted by the police to Sukuta Health Centre where she was treated and later referred to Kanifing Health Centre where her eye was examined.

Hearing continues on 24 December 2012.