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Arts Department wins Nasir Ahmadiyya Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School Interdepartmental debate

Jan 9, 2020, 3:02 PM | Article By: Muhammed Sidibeh

Arts Department of Nasir Ahmadiyya Muslim Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School in Basse has emerged winner of the school recent interdepartmental debate. The debate was sponsored by the school’s 1998 finalists.

The debated which was organised between the Arts and Commerce combined Science (Com-Science) departments centered on Sir Karl Raimund Popper; an Austrian-born British philosopher, academic and social commentator.

As winner with a total of 180 points, Arts Department was awarded cash prize of 2,500 dalasi while the Commerce combined Science (Com-Science) department who had a total of 160 points, was awarded cash prize of 1,500 dalasi.

The Nasir 1998 Finalists is an association that consists of the school’s ex-students of the first batch since the introduction of grade system in the school. It currently has a membership of over sixty people.

One of the association’s aims and objectives is to reunite its members as a cadre of common principle and to recognise the support the school rendered to them while giving in return in either cash or kind.

The school’s outgoing principal, Mamadi Ceesay said the class of 1998 is his first batch as a principal, saying their setting the stage for others to emulate is pleasing and of glad tiding.

“We want to leave our footprints in the school. The class of 2003 are also on the verge of emulating the 1998 batch as they have been visiting my office,” he said.

Bamba Manneh, head of the Kindergarten section of SOS Children’s Village in Basse, who is also head of the Nasir 1998 Finalists coordinator said they organised themselves to give back to their former school where their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are now learning.

“Through this association, we believe we can reunite our colleagues from different angles of the world; because most of us feel that Nasir has created a great impact in our lives since 98% of us are successful. Thank you for making us who we are today.”