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Artistik Present DK-BJL, Release New Album

Jun 12, 2009, 7:07 AM

Artistik Present DK-BJL, Release New Album

Following the long awaited album, DK-BJL last Wednesday Artistik, a group artists consisting Gambians and Senegalse released the first Senegambia Hip Hop compilation album entitled 'Buga Dem' proudly sponsored by Africell, Panoflex, Iora 99 Black Lunx and Plasta Ino respectively.

The aim of the project is to bring more artists together from the two countries.

The album contains 18 tracks and it is only in a CD format.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment last Tuesday at his office, Mr Abass Seck, the founder of the project said the album focussed more on the illegal migration to Europe. He described the idea as a very important thing, noting that this would widen the music industry in the two countries. The album touches issue such as those who use the backway, as fondly called, to Europe looking for greener pasture. DK-BJL, according to the founder, is brought about to sensitize the people on bad effects of using the backway to go to Europe. "That's why we came up with this first Senegambia Hip Hop compilation album," he said.

For his part, Mame Ndaye, a Senegalese Hip-Hop artist told Entertainment that he is also one of those who worked on the compilation. He explained that the released album is available in the market. "Though Africa is difficult, but one have to respect his or her life," he expressed. He used the occasion to thank Mr. Abass Seck, who he said came with the idea and used his own resources to see to it that this project is here to stay. He called on artists to come together and work for the promotion of music globally.

"As artists, we should contribute to nation development. DK- BJL project belongs to both Senegal and The Gambia, he noted.

Also briefing Entertainment on the album, Samba Ngum (Aka Sir X), a Gambian Hip-Hop artist said his participation on the compilation of the album is very important not only for him, but to other upcoming artists as well. Sir X posited that the forming of this project would bring good relationship between the two countries in terms of music promotion.

The Gambian Hip-Hop artist explained that the importance of this album is to sensitizise those who used the backway to Europe. "The youths are very important because they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow. That s why we came up with this album," he said.

Ous T, the Assistant Coordinator of the project, called on Gambians to come all out and support the project.

He maintained that all what Artistik needs is the support from the people. Ous 'T' called on all artists to join the project, noting that the doors are opened.

"I thank all the artists who participated during the compilation," he concluded.